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Can Tho Army Airfield Vietnam and the 550th Signal Company
CanTho Airfield
Symbols of the 39th Signal Bn.
39th Symbols
Animated GIF Pictures of Vietnam.
Strategic Communications Command (STRATCOM) then, now ASC Can Tho Airfield, 1972 / 73 . . Cryptographic and Mode V Terminal computer repair and operation. History of the 1st Signal Brigrade
Hanoi Jane Fonda
Hanoi Jane
A Vietnam Memorial Wall name lookup lists.

Then (STRATCOM), now Army Signal Command (ASC)
Army Signal Command

My Vietnam medals

Army Signl Corps
Signal Corps

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A 376k JPG Map of Vietnam
Map 376k

  • If anyone knows the whereabouts of any of the Can Tho Airfield 550th Signal Company personnel, please drop me a line.  Email: Joe

  • Presently I am trying to locate Sgt. William Jordan from the 550th Signal Company.  In 1972/73 Jordan was Teletype Repair MOS.  Sgt. Jordan was from the Wilmington NC area.  Email: Joe

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